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What are the differences? On this site we will explain you everything about professional Photobooth Systems:


179 per night

  • Digitalcamera
  • Small LED Light
  • USB Dock (bring your own USB Stick)
  • Small Touch Panel
  • Photo Function


€  299 per night

  • CANON DSLR Camera
  • Premium LED Light
  • Installation included
  • USB Dock + 4GB USB Stick
  • Touch-Panel
  • Photo- & Boomerang Function
  • Background included!
  • Greenscreen Function


€  399 per night

  • CANON DSLR Camera
  • Premium LED Light
  • Installation included
  • USB Dock + 4GB USB Stick
  • Touch-Panel
  • Photo-, Video- & Boomerang Function
  • Background included!
  • DNP Photo Printer
  • Up to 400 high quality prints
  • Greenscreen Function

Addons  for every Photo Box:

Fotobox Requisiten Accessoires

Accessory Set

29 €

Two bulging accessory boxes with funny hats, masks, glasses and more for guaranteed photo fun and a relaxed mood!

Fotobox Studio Leuchten

Lightsystem with Studio Flash

39 €

Two custom-made pillars with photo flashes provide professional and even illumination for each trigger. A must, who wants photos with that certain something.

Fotobox Onlinegalerie System

Online Gallery with login cards

19 €

All photos will be provided by our team after the celebration in an interactive and private online gallery. Includes 100 printed photo cards with access to the gallery

Fotobox Nachbearbeitung


49 €

A photographer works on all photos elaborately and brings the right photo studio look on your photos! This service is recommended by us, as it makes the photos even more beautiful.

Fotobox Hintergrund

Studio Background

29 €

We offer you seven different background motifs. You choose this directly when booking.
The background is already included in the classsicbox and printbox!

Individual Photo Layout

35 €

We design a suitable photo layout for your rented PrintBox and their printouts. You are welcome to send us your wishes by e-mail.

Compare everything

In detail there is the difference. Checkout all functions and compare our three photobooths. Remember: in every price is the setup and pickup included!

Camera-SystemDigitalcameraCANON 80DCANON 80D
Megapixel5 Megapixel24,2 Megapixel24,2 Megapixel
LightSmall LED LightXXL Studio LightXXL Studio Light
Panelsmall Touch Computersmall Touch Computerbig Touch Computer
Setup incl.YESYESYES
Set up and Pickup
(excl. deliver costs)
Studio Background (2x2m)+29 €FREEFREE
USB Stick inclusiveX4 GB16 GB
Print FunctionBlack&White Prints in
low resolution
XGlossy or Matte Premium
Prints in high resolution
Possible Prints200X400
Rentalprice for 18 hours199 €299 €399 €
You see Entries (from total Entries)

We explain you everything!

So many addons, functions and extras? Don't worry, we will explain everything: 

Kamera Systeme in einer Fotobox


The camera system is the most important feature in a photo box. Without a high-quality camera and a fast lens, the photos are only semi-professional.

Our ClassicBox and EliteBox both include a CANON 80D with high quality SIGMA lens for great results. The DigiBox, on the other hand, contains only one digital camera.

Fotobox Bau Megapixel einer Kamera


The megapixels are not the most important thing in a camera, even if it is often advertised. There are cameras with very high megapixel data, but they are qualitatively worse than others with less megapixels. Nevertheless, one can say: the more megapixels, the more picture details are recorded.

Fotobox Ausleuchtung

Light System

The illumination is next to the camera the second most important feature of a good photo box. Not a good picture without light. Our DigiBox contains a small LED illumination. Here, it is absolutely necessary to ensure sufficient ambient light, such as with bright LED floor lamps. Our ClassicBox and EliteBox both contain a large and high quality studio light that can be adjusted in thickness. Since all the lights only shine from the front, for each photo box model we recommend our light columns, which offer an even better studio illumination.

Kamera Systeme in einer Fotobox

How to use

All photo box models can be operated by touch self-explanatory. Depending on the photo box model you have different options. All photos taken can be searched anytime.

Fotobox Lieferservice

Installation - Service

The team of delivers the photo box including all ordered addons to your location and builds the whole photo system about an hour before the party starts. There is the complete installation and a briefing. On the following day, our team comes back and pickup everything without any problems! Through this service, our customers always receive a perfectly aligned photo set. In addition, you need not worry about the structure.

You can also pick up the DigiBox in Paphos without paying 29€ for delivery (plus 0,5€ / KM). In this case, you save the startup costs. Please note that the box must be returned the next day (also on Sundays) by 11am at the latest.

USB Anschluss Fotobox

USB Function

All photo box models have an external USB port, so the photos taken are saved directly as a copy on the stick. With the DigiBox you have to bring a suitable USB stick, if you want to use this function. With the other photo booths there is either a 4GB or 16GB stick for free. So you can simply pull off the USB stick after the event and take all the photos.

Kamera Systeme in einer Fotobox

Photo Effects

All of our photo boxes have the great feature of adding different picture effects right after creating the selfies. That's how great and creative results can be achieved. Do not worry: the originals will be kept on the USB stick as well as in the online gallery!

Fotobox QR Code

Wifi Function

If your location provides the local Wi-Fi network during installation, all photos can be uploaded directly to an online gallery. Thus, our software creates an individual QR code for each photo taken, which your guests can scan with their smartphone and download the image directly. Alternatively, individual photos can also be sent by e-mail. It's that easy!

Kamera Systeme in einer Fotobox

Snapshot Functions

Depending on the photo box model, we offer various shooting functions. So you can create with all photo box models, of course, with the photo function as many selfies as you want. The ClassicBox and PrintBox also offers the well-known Boomerang function, which creates a short sequence of images. The PrintBox offers with the video function even the recording of short video messages. Perfect to capture great snapshots! The modes are selected directly on the screen.

Fotobox Hintergrund System

Fotobox Backgrounds

We offer you high quality photo backgrounds to - so since her about the location independent and get great shots in the photo studio. There are various motives to choose from, which you can choose during your booking process. Only the Classic and EliteBox offer a free background. With the DigiBox you pay a one-time surcharge of 29 €. It is also possible to have a background printed with your desired motif. This one time costs 99 €.

DNP DS620 Fotobox Drucker


The DigiBox includes a thermal transfer printer that ejects black-and-white 9x5 cm printouts. To be fair, it should be mentioned that the print quality is slightly grainy and not high resolution.

Our PrintBox offers the premium model among photo printers. This produces 400 glossy photos in the format 15x10 cm or as a photo strip with protective varnish and without having to add paper or toner. The same laboratory quality that you get in drugstores. Perfect for weddings & corporate events!

New: Boomerang-Function

Creates witty loop animations with the Classic or Print box

Available Backgrounds

These background motifs are available. The ClassicBox and the PrintBox include a banner. At the DigiBox costs
the photo background a small extra charge.

Try our Backgrounds now!

Here you can switch between the different backgrounds to get a better look at the effect.

And this is how everything works:


Choose your Photoo

Depending on your budget and event, you can choose your favorite from our photo boxes in peace. If you are not sure which box suits you, just give us a call or send us an e-mail.


Online Booking

Do you have all the information ready, choose our inquiry form to calculate directly and without obligation the exact cost of your desired photo box and make a non-binding reservation request. Please do not submit the request via the contact form, here we often lack important informaitons to make an exact offer.


Available or not?

Our team will answer your request within 1-2 business days. If a photo box is free, you can then book it binding for your celebration. A down payment i.H.v. 50% on. After paying the deposit is a great evening nothing in the way


Before the event

... our good-humored team comes to your location at the agreed time. It is best for you or a local person to show us the space for the photo box, the bail i.H.v. 350 € to hand over and sign the lease.


After the event

... our team will dismantle the entire photo box set at 11am (or by arrangement) and refund you the deposit. Please do not make any changes to the photoset until now.


Take your pictures

The finished party photos can be found on the USB stick, which can be easily removed and taken away after the party. If you have booked a post-processing of all photos or an online gallery, the photos will be published on the following day at about 6 pm in your private gallery. Cyprus - A PixPress LTD Brand. Design by Designagency Cyprus PIXOBEL



* All prices quoted on this website are incl. 19% VAT and only as a rental fee for 24 hours plus 0.25 € / KM travel costs from Paphos Center.

The travel costs are to be calculated four times.

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