Rental Terms

The following rental rules are part of every rental
and apply in addition to our terms and conditions.

1. Prices

All prices quoted on this website are incl. 19% VAT and are only valid as rent for the specified rental period (maximum 18 hours).

2. Obligations of the tenant

- The renter undertakes to inform the guests about the care taken with the box.

- The tenant agrees to monitor the photo box during the entire rental period

- The renter assures that the photo box will not be mined by third parties or the renter himself

- The renter must ensure that the conditions at the venue meet the requirements of This means that there must be a free space of two meters in width, height and depth. The course must be cleared and cleaned. Within a radius of 5 meters, a working 230 V outlets must be reachable.

3. Damages

If the photo box or its individual components and accessories are damaged during the rental period and the tenant is responsible for this, a compensation shall be calculated grossly as follows:

CANON 80D = 1089 €; Table small = 499 €; Tablet big = 1059 €; per flash = 73 €; Screen = 200 €;

Cladding PVC sheets = 46 € per side; Lens SIGMA = 500 €; Lens CANON = 120 €; Tripod: 70 €; Background banner with system: 351.41 €; Background banner without system: 116,54 € Accessories = 4,95 € / paper materials, 25 € / masks, 30 € / hats

Other accessories not listed here will be calculated according to the current value. Additional additional expenses incurred by our service team will be charged at 69 € net or 82.11 € gross per hour. Additional additional arrivals and departures are charged at € 0.5 per kilometer driven

However, the lessee is in any case permitted to prove that no damage or impairment has occurred at all or that it is significantly lower than the lump sum.

If the damage is not immediately apparent when the photo box is dismantled, the landlord can assert the damage even after the rental object has been returned. Repayment of the deposit on the day of return does not exclude such subsequent damages. The assertion of a higher damage is expressly reserved.

4. Disturbances

In the event of failure or failure of individual components, the team of MeinePhotobox must be informed immediately. Please call the customer service number +49 (0) 2623 7974 269 or +49 170 3474147 to discuss the further procedure. Use of the emergency instructions without prior customer service contact is not permitted. The photo box and all other systems may only be opened after permission has been granted.

It is not allowed to dismantle the photo box set on the following day. The entire technology may only be assembled and disassembled by our qualified personnel.


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* All prices quoted on this website are incl. 19% VAT and only as a rental fee for 24 hours plus 0.25 € / KM travel costs from Paphos Center.

The travel costs are to be calculated four times.

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